Catherine Cooper Holker, 17811857 (aged 76 years)

Catherine /Cooper Holker/
Given names
Cooper Holker
Type of name
birth name
Birth of a sister
Death of a paternal grandfather
April 24, 1786 (aged 4 years)
Montigny, Seine-Maritime, Normandie, France
Latitude: 49.425520648 Longitude: 1.00384964963

1773 28th. April Friday
John Holker, Chevalier of the Order of St. Louis, and inspector-general of the woollen and cotton manufactures of France, died at Rouen, 28th April. He was born at Stretford, and baptised there 14th October, 1719. His parents were married at Manchester in 1715, and the name is found frequently at Monton. He was a “calendarer,” joined the rebels in 1745, and was taken prisoner at Carlisle. When in Newgate awaiting trial a fellow-prisoner found a means of escape from the same cell, but Holker was too bulky to pass through the “straightgate.” The generous comrade returned, and the two in company enlarged the hole and both escaped. Holker was concealed for six weeks by a woman who kept a green stall, but eventually escaped to France, where he entered the army, and retired on a pension of 600 francs in 1755. He had previously, in connection with partners, erected a velvet factory at Rouen, and in 1758 he retired with a fortune. He was inspector-general of foreign manufactures from 1755 until his death. In 1766 he established chemical works and introduced leaden chambers for the manufacture of sulphuric acid. He is said to have visited England secretly to induce English artisans to settle in France. He was nominated a Chevalier de St. Louis, 27th September, 1770. This remarkable life is given with the fullest detail in communications by Mr. J. G. Alger in the Palatine Note-book, vol. iv.,pp. 47, 111.(7)

Death of a sister
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Death of a mother
Marriage of a parent
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After Margaret’s sister Nancy (1777–1857) married her second husband, John Holker (d. 1820), in January 1815, they both sat for Stuart for companion portraits

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Birth of a half-sister
Death of a father
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HON. JOHN HOLKER. "Of Scotch descent, was born in England in the year 1743. His father Jean Holker of France joined the army of the Pretender, fought at the battle of Culloden, 1746, was taken prisoner and condemned to be executed, but made his escape to France. His wife and child, John, then about two years old, followed him.
John Holker was sent to this country during the Revolutionary War about the year 1778 by the Government of Louis XVI, or rather by Beaumarchais, to inquire into the probability of the success of our armies against England.
On his favorable report the treaty was made between Louis and the United States. Mr. Holker was then made Consul General of France and agent of the Royal Marine. Mr. Holker brought letters to this country from Benjamin Franklin to Robert Morris and other members of Congress speaking in the highest terms of his segacity. " He married as his third wife Nancy Davis Stillman (nee Stackpole) of Boston, Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Holker then removed to Virginia and lived at "Springsberry," Clarke County, where he died in June, 1820. Being a Roman Catholic he was buried in holy ground in Winchester, but was reinterred at the Old Chapel in the Autumn of 1904.

Death of a half-brother
August 18, 1844 (aged 63 years) Age: 74
Paris, Île-de-France, France
Latitude: 48.862834158 Longitude: 2.33616696102
Informant: Prosper-Gaston Holker (aged 34 years) — son
Attending: Edouard Hippolyte Terrasson de Senevas (aged 45 years) — son-in-law
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October 29, 1857 (aged 76 years)
Family with parents
Birth: 1745 25 19 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death: April 13, 1822Springsberry, Clarke County, Virginia, USA
Birth: about 1755Pennsylvania
Death: June 28, 1812Pennsylvania
Marriage Marriageabout 1780Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
17 months
Birth: May 29, 1781 36 26 Shenandoah, Virginia
Death: October 29, 1857
3 years
younger sister
Birth: April 1, 1784 39 29 Pennsylvania
Death: June 3, 1794Virginia
Father’s family with Marguerite Elisabeth Julie Quesnel
Birth: 1745 25 19 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death: April 13, 1822Springsberry, Clarke County, Virginia, USA
Birth: March 9, 1748 34 23
Death: August 3, 1820Versailles, Yvelines, Île-de-France, France
Marriage MarriageApril 26, 1769Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Normandie, France
1 year
Birth: April 12, 1770 25 22 Rouen, Seine-Maritime, Normandie, France
Death: August 18, 1844Paris, Île-de-France, France
Father’s family with Nancy Davis Stackpole
Birth: 1745 25 19 Manchester, Lancashire, England
Death: April 13, 1822Springsberry, Clarke County, Virginia, USA
Birth: May 1777
Death: June 28, 1857
Marriage MarriageJanuary 18, 1815Boston, Massachusetts, USA
2 years